On her forays into nature, Brigitte tries to express its uniqueness. Staying in front of the respective motif, playing with what is being presented, fascinates Brigitte and builds up the tension between her and the objects. The inspiration from the silence gives the intuition the possibility to develop. Emotions arise when the photo does not immediately reveal everything to the viewer, when there is scope for one's own interpretations. These emotions are intensified by playing with light and colors, allowing Brigitte‘s photography to be with nature in the here and now.

Vienna & Kronstorf, Austria

2015 / Group show ‘Krumau’ Linz
2017 / Cafe Traxlmayr Linz
2018 / ‘Gifts of Nature’ Kronstorf
2019 / ‘Gifts of Nature: Nationalpark Kalkalpen’ Bad Schallerbach
2019 / ‘Gifts of Nature: Nationalpark Kalkalpen’ Im Gewölbe Enns
2021 / Group show ‘Point of Art’ Enns
Fine Art Photography Awards
‘Shortlist Abstact’

Fine Art